Our Services

Our Services Include:

Tractor Services

 Property Mowing
Bush Hogging
 Site Work
 Land Cleaning
 Skid Steer Work
 Crushed Asphalt
 Drainage & Erosion Repair
✔ Excavating 

Aquatic Services

 Lakefront Cleanup
 Aquatic Herbiciding
 Aquatic Permitting
 Manual Removal
 Mechanical Removal
 Beach Building
 HOA Maintenance 
 Monthly Maintenance

Lake Front Clean Up

Tooles tractor skid steer services

Explore Our Wide Range of Land & Aquatic Services

Toole's Tractor Services & H2O Weed Control also provides all types of aquatic weed maintenance including Mechanical and Manual Removal, Lakefront Cleanup and Beach-building, Aquatic Herbiciding, Algae Control, HOA Maintenance, and Monthly Maintenance for all types of water front properties. They can also assist in the permitting process where that is necessary.

Erosion Repair


Site Work